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  • Capsules / powders / liquids / tinctures / moisturises / balms – on request
  • The mixes are potentiated products – ie strengthened and so less is required
  • Furthermore many of the products/mixes when taken together are also potentiated
  • The packaging is organic/biodegradable/compostable/non-plastic/no oxidation
  • All products are 100% pure – no fillers. Natural, Organic or Wild Harvested
  • All oils are organic and cold-pressed Capsules are 500mg large size

As a Pharmacistand Internationally accredited Nutrition Consultant and having studied and researched disease, illness, treatment and cures over the last 30 years, I have completed a full 360 degree circle and confirm that,

‘Our Food is Our medicine and Our medicine is Our Food’ (Hippocrates)

Most people suffer from dis-ease due to two reasons, viz., they are toxic and nutrient deficient. Most of this is attributable to the nutrient deficient food we eat and toxins in the environment, food and daily products we use.

The combined effect of using the intelligent Heavenly Harmony products results in setting up a Stress Defence Shield to protect the body from pathogens developing within the body and fight established infections and chronic diseases. They are used together with the Detox-Nutrient dense fortifying programme which is designed for each individual using a Personal Nutritional Profile (PNP). The blood pH needs to remain at an optimal level of 7.4, when this balance is disturbed is when the pathogens develop within us automatically. Pathogens and mineral deficiency The combined effect of using the intelligent Heavenly Harmony products results in setting up a Stress Defence Shield contribute to almost all dis-ease.

The Heavenly Harmony products are carefully designed to potentiate the active ingredients and to work synergistically with the other products that form a Stress Defence Shield. This means that by combining the medicinal mushrooms together potentiates the total effect of each and you need less. Furthermore, the effect of taking Medicinal Mushrooms with Blue-Green algae and vitamin C results in 27x the effect of the products taken individually. Also, if taken with a warm cacao drink or in a cacao based smoothie the stimulant / anti-stimulant effects are balanced and create harmony within the body, mind and soul.

Most of the products are intelligentadaptogens whereby the plant works within each body according to individual needs as one goes about their daily life, they thus maintain the levitational-gravitational balance of the body.

Heavenly Harmony products are sourced from around the world: North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Southern Africa and Packed in South Africa.

The products are certified and naturally, organically or wild sourced. They are guaranteed 100% pure and free from synthetic additives, fillers and preservatives.

They are handcrafted and available in capsules, powders, tinctures and imprinted in EM solutions.

The packaging is biodegradable, amber glass to prevent oxidation, plant cellulose capsules suitable for vegans and made of recyclable/reusable.Please recycle the bottle.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.Store in a cool dark cupboard below 30 degrees C.



Fresh water, one of the first forms of life on the planet and brought oxygen to the planet.


Blue-Green algae

  • 20% Chlorophyll, Phytocyanin, Complete protein, Essential fatty acids (DHA) , Minerals & Vitamins,
  • Builds immunity by stem cell production in the bone marrow which increases white blood cells
  • Brain function, memory & concentration
  • Stress and nervous system support due to PEA, Phytocyanin and Serotonin effects
  • Sleep enhancing and mood elevating
  • Regulates hormone system (DHEA) and assists with menopause
  • Chelation of heavy metals and toxins


Brown algae


Chlorella algae

  • 10% chlorophyll, Phytocyanin, Complete protein, Essential fatty acids , Minerals & Vitamins
  • Immune system
  • Chlorella growth factor – phytochemical
  • Assists the body in clearing toxic heavy metals/chemical pollutants


Spirulina algae

3% chlorophyll and 7-8% phytocyanin

Boosts immune system and sets up Stress Defence Shield



Medicinal Tree Mushrooms:

Also one of the first life forms on the planet and the spores come from outer space. They are the  ‘re-cyclers’ on the planet which means they are catabolic and break down old trees that have lived for many hears on the planet, which are full of wisdom. They potentiate each other and work synergistically when combined.



Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Maitake, Lion’s Mane

  • Immune system boost and defence shield
  • Sleep and Mood elevation
  • Stress and Nervous system exhaustion
  • Rejuvenation and repair of cells
  • Protection of vital organs
  • Enhanced Brain function, Memory & Concentration
  • Regulated Hormonal system
  • Physical strength, endurance and stamina



These are super herbs that grow in extreme conditions such as the desert and high up on snowy mountains where little else grows. They adapt their effects within our bodies according to our needs and thus balance levitational and gravitational forces.


Siberian Ginseng, Ashwaganda, Astragalus, Fo-ti

  • Immune system boost and defence shield
  • Sleep and Mood elevation
  • Stress and Nervous system exhaustion
  • Rejuvenation and repair of cells
  • Protection of vital organs
  • Enhanced Brain function, Memory & Concentration
  • Regulates Hormonal system
  • Physical strength, endurance and stamina



Bee and Flower products:

Bee Mix, Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly

  • Complete source of protein, essential fats & minerals
  • Greatest amount of naturally occurring enzymes
  • Inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria
  • Builds connective tissue necessary for vegans
  • Builds and boosts Immune system
  • Increased haemoglobin, white & red blood cells
  • Builds RNA – genetic material
  • Anti-cancer and breaks down tumours
  • Infertility, Allergies, Athletic performance
  • Weight control, Beauty and Longevity


Fulvic acid:

  • Naturally occurring rock sediment containing 80 Minerals
  • Assist in the transfer of minerals and other nutrients into cells
  • Highly effective detoxifing cleanser and antioxidant


Green tea ext.

  • Phytonutrients, antioxidants & immunity
  • Weight balancing
  • Anti-microbial (??)
  • Memory and concentration enhancing
  • Adaptogenic – immunity, stress, sleep, physical performance, endurance, energy, longevity
  • Normalises blood sugar
  • Restores the liver
  • Protects against radiation

Mucuna ext.

l-dopamine precursor and balances low neurotransmitter levels. This is the ‘will’ to do something, the get-up-and go neurotransmitter. It is a bean that grows with the cacao tree in the forest.


Hormone herbal balancers:

Chaste Berry – balances low progesterone levels

Black Cohosh – balances low ‘good’ oestrogen levels

Tribulis – balances low testosterone levels

Magnolia Bark – balances raised cortisol levels.


Hormone & Bone density Building herbal Tea:

Being packed.


Probiotic Effective Micro-organisms (EM’s) with Digestive Enzymes

  • “Live” micro-organisms in a molasses base as part of the Stress Defence Shield.
  • EM’s support the Gastro-intestinal tract by providing beneficial bacteria, viruses, fungi and actinomycetes
  • Eliminates Pathogens & Heavy metals
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Synthesizes B & K Vitamins
  • Balances digestion & immune system
  • Store in a dark cupboard away from light

Super Food, Herb and mineral dense imprinted EM’s:

Blue-Green Algae, Medicinal Mushrooms, Adaptogens, Moringa, Baobab, Fulvic acid, Paramagnetic Zeolite, Kelp, Himalayan Salt.

Suitable for Vegans


Super activated  EM’s:

Black grapes, Papaya, Blue-skin fish, whole rice, sorghum & millet flours, Paramagnetic rock dust, Kelp, Selenium, Molybdenum.


Products for the soil

Volcanic rock dust, Biological Microbes, kelp, earthworm castings