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How does Ormus Gold Rejuvenation Elixir work?

Stem cells, Immunity, DNA shift, telomer growth….

Ormus Gold Milk is made from sea – alchemical shift from salt to gold, silver, etc.

It changes the body’s electromagnetic charge instantly, repairs the chromosomes by its mere presence, detoxifies and nourishes, instantly activates the production of stem cells and once this happens the body can heal itself

Personally I don’t know of any other substance quite like it and with the same high frequency


I also eat food where there is natural Ormus Gold like Blue-Green algae, Bee Pollen, Medicinal mushrooms, organically ripened fruit and nuts, sprouts

Ormus Gold is a levitational substance and allows the spring water to rise up against gravity to the top of a hill

Ormus Gold enables the tree sap to rise high up to the top of the trees

Was used by the ancient sages in all the scriptures to get mental clarity, inspiration and imagination on what to inform the tribes

When we take it all sorts of rebalancing happens spontaneously an according to your body

Use a wooden or plastic spoon and not a metal one

1tsp Diluted in a glass of water