Rejuvenation Immunity Longevity-All-In-One-Kit

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All Your needs in One Health Insurance Pack

Reclaim your Health!


Ormus Gold Rejuvenation Elixir
Powerful Regeneration of Cells, Stem Cells and DNA

Microbiome Reset Plus
> 80 Live Probiotic strains and Enzymes for Gut health

Stress DefenceĀ  Shield Nutrients
> 30 Nutrient Dense Foods for Cell vitality

Zeolite 8 Detox
Powerful toxin scavenger

ASSURANCE & CONFIDENCE that all your ESSENTIAL Health Needs are Covered

No more hundreds of bottles required


  • Tune In & Tune Up Monthly Tracking Programme
    Free On-line Health Risk Assessment
    Free Daily Nutritional Guide
    Free Blood Group Summary Guide (O,A,B,AB)
  • Ormus Gold Rejuvenation Elixir 250ml in foil to retain potency
    Adult dose: 1 tsp daily in a glass of water
  • Microbiome Reset Plus >80 500ml liquid
    Adult dose: 1Tbl to tsp 3 x daily in water
  • Stress Defence Shield >30 x 60 500mg capsules
    Adult dose: 2-4 capsules 1 x daily
  • Zeolite 8 250ml Detox Double Activated pure magnetic
    Adult dose: 1 tsp either at night or in the morning

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